Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Women touches every human soul.

I am blogging this with a covetous mind of sharing the importance of women in a family. The gender sensitive issue has been hovering for the past few decades and it is still at large these days but it was more during ancient era. Most women were undermined in doing any sort of outgoing works. Most of them stay as house wives or babysitting. We had a notion that, every woman should remain within the four walls. It is no lesser than a home arrest. Some were brutally treated and some were forced to follow misdemeanor against their will. Some were used as a tool to satiate someone’s desire. Women were treated equally as slaves.
At home, in a family, everyone thinks that household chores are meant for women. It is their responsibility to get these works done or else they will be questioned by their husband. Is it true? For some it can be, but there a few who considers this as a shared responsibilities. There isn’t any rule which states, “Men are not allowed to cook.” It is also seen that, as soon as husband reaches home, he will sit on a sofa stretching his leg with a remote in his hand and gazing at television. Then a wife is supposed to prepare tea and serve. He fails to move his parked ass and wife keeps on working such as cooking, washing clothes, sweeping and looking after baby. At times, there comes a moment where by the dinner is served on the table but luckily she doesn’t have to feed. There are some exceptional situations but this cannot happen all the time.
As a husband, we glamorously accept our wife working ceaselessly but as a father, will it be easy to see our daughter working at husband’s place like this? Do you want your children to emulate this attitude and follow as they grow up? These are a few things that we need to think now. I do not see any harm sharing these works. We do have women as politicians, working in offices, in media and private organizations but there are more stories unheard in metropolitans and solitude places where women are given less opportunities to come forward. We even see and hear man in the family cooking food, laundering, cleaning and babysitting. This is what women wants in this contemporary world.
Women do have a heart that gets afflicted easily. They have a mind which gets disturbed like men do. They have a path to travel, a dream to accomplish. Memories to make, hope to share and inspire. Woman is an agent of change in a family and man’s life. It is high time we change our attitude, treat equally and embrace women empowerment.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Death is imminent

Death has laid his icy hand regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual identity and wealth. It’s a universal truth that one can never elude from its occurrence. Within two consecutive years, I have lost four great souls whom I consider more than friends but not less than brothers. Death has befall agony in the lives of many families and destitute among society. It has even taken loved ones leaving behind only the footprints. Most of them left the world before seeing better half of their stay in the world. For some, they left without contemplating the meaning of life and dreams discontented. We can experience death in hospital with numerous patients in plight wishing to live for more.

If death does not accept any amnesty, I foresee no purpose in living a life with voracity and wealth which is insatiable. Despite knowing the fact that everyone has to go through it, we opt for avenues and materialistic mind. To satiate our desires, we land up losing our best moments being human. Having luxurious living style does not suffice our living. We tend to have more. We opt for land, building and an account that weighs quite heavy. In search of deceptive wants, we lose the meaning of life.

For these reasons, I want to live a life as it has to be. Never to bewildered with the concept of “needs” and “wants”.  Take a profession that you wish for. Accumulate more needs rather than craving for more wants. I wish to do things that give me meaning in life. Going into the wild for birding as an amateur photographer, blogging and reading to escalate my learning would be one of my priorities. Obviously, imparting my prodigy to younger generations as a teacher would be no lesser than my priorities. At the same time, I have to remind myself about managing time with my family because it is the only source I can stand bold when I have nothing to look back. Blissful family has better meaning in life.

Every time I remind of death, it gives me meaning to live in a way it has to be; friendly, tender, helpful and compassionate. We shall never come back in this contemporary world again. We perish forever.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Insight view of English for Effective Communication

I fret writing about above topic because my write up will definitely have flaws but I in script with an intention to escalate my skills in English language. The Education fraternity takes another unprecedented training to all the teachers in order to create better education system in the country. Considering English as lingua franca in this contemporary world, ministry thought that it will immensely benefit every individual to articulate and contemplate in English. Irrespective of subjects, if a teacher cannot acquire English competency as expected, then it will be a baffling task to ignite language proficiency in the bloods of younger generation.

But at the same time, we heard lots of commotions being hovered throughout the nation. Some of us mentioned about conducting at incompatible timing. Due to erratic weather condition during monsoon, many of us had to travel through dampen roads and due to numerous road blocks, we were stranded for few days without proper place to stay. Many of us wished if it was conducted during winter break.

Since its inception from primary grades, we have been imbibing English language and yet we see many flaws in four strands; reading, writing, listening and speaking. This training was conducted to mainly identify hitches and overcome hurdles while using English as a means of communication. The body language, pronunciation, grammar, intonation, fluency, vocabulary and gesture are the components of English. Without above components, one can never gain prodigy in English. Indubitably I am optimistic that, one can never develop these skills over a night. We have to practice ceaselessly. This training should be given to everyone in order to have better communication, lively living hood and a better place to live in.



Friday, 23 June 2017

Livelihood in secluded place.

We are deprived of better facilities, greater opportunities and livelihood lessons. Serving in one of the less metropolitan places keeps us away from all the activities carried out in metropolitan areas. Mightier show like Mountain Echoes is held in capital and 100’s of us who wish to listen live cannot make it. Can’t they hold the show in different places rather than organizing in same place repeatedly? Recently, I was surfing through social media and I found that few stars will soon hit Bhutan to commemorate bilateral relationship with South Korea. This time, many youth wanted to be a part of the show but could not make it too. What could have happened if it was performed in other Dzongkhags? Many people would have enjoyed the show. There could be cultural exchange and numerous people popping in from other places to share and learn how people lived in secluded places.

Despite all these greater show, we have better show to play. We walk 100s of Kilometer on foot. Carry heavy loads on our back and reach the place after sweating day and night. Sometimes we get stranded amidst the road and sleep without food and shelter. The power supply shuts down often for a week or more and we live and prepare plans under candle light. Our parents have to wait for a month or two for the money to reach their place because we live without broadband or mobile internet facilities to do transactions. When a minor in metropolis relish unlimited network like 3G and 4G, we land up calling our comrades to Google and clear our qualms. In fact, it is appalling to hear people complaining shortfalls being in cities. And this is what I believe – Human desire never gets satiated.

Serving in secluded place have other means of living livelihood. If not taken seriously, one can develop a habit of drinking and gambling. But this is not a solution to find a solace. We can imbibe habit of reading and writing. These two phenomena are the main source of building personal skills and better quality of being human. Engaging ourselves in recreational activities like ball games could have immense benefit; mentally, spiritually and physically. The most fascinating moment being in rich biodiversity is to become an amateur photographer. We can see our richness through the lens. These qualities will abate us from treading to bigger cities.

There are many more that is being organized in urban areas which are missed by the people living in secluded place but at the same time metropolitan do miss richness in cultural biodiversity and livelihood in remote places. I will definitely have 1000s of pages to narrate when I leave this secluded place - Zhemgang.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Gratitude to Dear Mom and Dad:

Life isn't so easy
Afflictive being too busy
I often forget about you
But not out of blue.

I gaze at your forlorn image
You protected us with sublime plumage
You intruded through sweat and blood
Baffled agony not less than flood

You groomed us without destitude
Taught us lessons without attitude
A comrade whom i can epitomize
Your words of wisdom i still memorize.

Death is imminent
Live forever with you is not convienent
You will always be in my heart
No matter how far we depart.

We pray for your longevity.
Thank you Mom and Dad.
                                    -Yeshey Wangchuk.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

If we lose a teacher...

The abrupt of salary for local leaders has instigated infinite thoughts among many people. It is important to have local leaders to look after the welfare of the people and bring development in solitude places. The government has accomplished most of their pledges and I am a firm believer of their politics.
But when they escalated wages for those local leaders, did they ever thought of civil servants and it's repercussions. Sooner or later, countless civil servants will opt for the post of local leaders. More over i fret if 100's of teachers leave their peofession to take part in next LG election. Other sectors would not feel the resonance of losing their members but Education Ministry would definitely feel the pinch. 
Losing a teacher epitomize lost of experienced educator resulting in demolishing quality of education.  Yesteryear, the government stated additional ngultrum of 3500 as rent allowance. But this time when they increased the amount it was bountiful.
Teachers have been on the lips of every people stating their torment living style. But then when it comes to avenues, teachers are given the least priority. Incentives are compareless. It is said that, sooner there will be staff quarters and many more professional development programs but i think it will take decades.
If we want to retain our experienced teachers, few things like working environment, incentives, salary and infrastructure facilities should be given first priority. Most of the teachers in remote schools have to walk day and night. Some have to stay in a hut without proper roofing and i heard them accumulating rain water that pinned from the roof to save themselves from getting drenched.
There is a concern about teaching history subject in our dialect and dearth of Dzongkkha teachers. But if we enroll students of Taktse College with integration of teaching modules, the tremor could be adulterated at certain point because they are the pioneer of Dzongkha language. Most of them remain unemployed after their graduation and some leave for other countries to work which is totally absurd.
Teachers are the ones who shapes future generation. They are the ones who mingle with young leaders all the time. If the living style and value of a teacher is given more priority then the future of a nation is preserved.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Educator’s Day, 2017


Teachers are considered as the most decisive catalyst in shaping our future citizen. Many a time people say, teachers are the ones who made doctors, engineers and many more important office goers. As a teacher myself, I know how baffling it is to be a teacher and the most to work with students of different abilities. We all know that, a life is neither a bed of roses nor our wishes are horses and if it is so, even a beggar would ride and this epitomize a life of a teacher. The Ministry of Education has come up with various methodologies to escalate learning and educating students. When the system introduces new strategies, the resonating movement is first felt by the teachers. It is an additional pinch for the teachers but at the same time it creates avenues for students and teachers to learn more. When other office goers is on holiday with their families, the teachers work relentlessly planning for the next lesson. When other officers are on official tour, it is the teacher who makes tour within classrooms. Despite obligation, teachers work beyond office hour. Some work till late night while others work on Sundays. But only the teachers know how endearing it is to be a teacher despite numerous hurdles.

Unlike yesteryear, the celebration was extraordinary. We have seen Principal preparing before a week. Students were cordially preparing in MP hall but we never thought teacher’s day would go beyond our imagination. We were ushered to MP hall with chibdrel procession and hover over red carpeted floor. At that moment, I felt daunted, confused and even felt goose bumps all over the body because I have never seen teachers convoyed in this manner. But later I realized that, the only reason why people say, “ teachers are the most important person” could be of these covert values. The celebration was a collaboration of parents, NFE members and students. The unity signifies the importance of community. Different items were presented by various groups. When the presentation was going on, small students were searching their teachers to present a gift as a token of gratitude.
The day was exquisitely organized. Teachers were made to feel how important it is to be in this noble profession. It’s important for a teacher to have platform where we can rejuvenate and feel the sense of being a great educator. Teachers have to face parent pressure, public criticism and enormous work load but at the end of the day, the most priceless gift is shaping a child. “ A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams.