Friday, 23 June 2017

Livelihood in secluded place.

We are deprived of better facilities, greater opportunities and livelihood lessons. Serving in one of the less metropolitan places keeps us away from all the activities carried out in metropolitan areas. Mightier show like Mountain Echoes is held in capital and 100’s of us who wish to listen live cannot make it. Can’t they hold the show in different places rather than organizing in same place repeatedly? Recently, I was surfing through social media and I found that few stars will soon hit Bhutan to commemorate bilateral relationship with South Korea. This time, many youth wanted to be a part of the show but could not make it too. What could have happened if it was performed in other Dzongkhags? Many people would have enjoyed the show. There could be cultural exchange and numerous people popping in from other places to share and learn how people lived in secluded places.

Despite all these greater show, we have better show to play. We walk 100s of Kilometer on foot. Carry heavy loads on our back and reach the place after sweating day and night. Sometimes we get stranded amidst the road and sleep without food and shelter. The power supply shuts down often for a week or more and we live and prepare plans under candle light. Our parents have to wait for a month or two for the money to reach their place because we live without broadband or mobile internet facilities to do transactions. When a minor in metropolis relish unlimited network like 3G and 4G, we land up calling our comrades to Google and clear our qualms. In fact, it is appalling to hear people complaining shortfalls being in cities. And this is what I believe – Human desire never gets satiated.

Serving in secluded place have other means of living livelihood. If not taken seriously, one can develop a habit of drinking and gambling. But this is not a solution to find a solace. We can imbibe habit of reading and writing. These two phenomena are the main source of building personal skills and better quality of being human. Engaging ourselves in recreational activities like ball games could have immense benefit; mentally, spiritually and physically. The most fascinating moment being in rich biodiversity is to become an amateur photographer. We can see our richness through the lens. These qualities will abate us from treading to bigger cities.

There are many more that is being organized in urban areas which are missed by the people living in secluded place but at the same time metropolitan do miss richness in cultural biodiversity and livelihood in remote places. I will definitely have 1000s of pages to narrate when I leave this secluded place - Zhemgang.

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