Thursday, 27 July 2017

Death is imminent

Death has laid his icy hand regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual identity and wealth. It’s a universal truth that one can never elude from its occurrence. Within two consecutive years, I have lost four great souls whom I consider more than friends but not less than brothers. Death has befall agony in the lives of many families and destitute among society. It has even taken loved ones leaving behind only the footprints. Most of them left the world before seeing better half of their stay in the world. For some, they left without contemplating the meaning of life and dreams discontented. We can experience death in hospital with numerous patients in plight wishing to live for more.

If death does not accept any amnesty, I foresee no purpose in living a life with voracity and wealth which is insatiable. Despite knowing the fact that everyone has to go through it, we opt for avenues and materialistic mind. To satiate our desires, we land up losing our best moments being human. Having luxurious living style does not suffice our living. We tend to have more. We opt for land, building and an account that weighs quite heavy. In search of deceptive wants, we lose the meaning of life.

For these reasons, I want to live a life as it has to be. Never to bewildered with the concept of “needs” and “wants”.  Take a profession that you wish for. Accumulate more needs rather than craving for more wants. I wish to do things that give me meaning in life. Going into the wild for birding as an amateur photographer, blogging and reading to escalate my learning would be one of my priorities. Obviously, imparting my prodigy to younger generations as a teacher would be no lesser than my priorities. At the same time, I have to remind myself about managing time with my family because it is the only source I can stand bold when I have nothing to look back. Blissful family has better meaning in life.

Every time I remind of death, it gives me meaning to live in a way it has to be; friendly, tender, helpful and compassionate. We shall never come back in this contemporary world again. We perish forever.

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